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Eskimo Spirit Bone Carving by Numinkau Kamuek of Provideniya, Russia


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by the late Numinkau Kamuek of Provideniya, Chukotka Peninsula, Siberia Russia, North Bering Sea

Authentic Alaska Native Eskimo handicraft. It was carved and significantly transformed from marine mammal whalebone into a Authentic Alaska Native Eskimo handicraft and signed by the late Native Siberian Yup'ik Eskimo artist Numinkau Kamuek. Provideniya is located on the Chukotka Peninsula, the Siberian Russian side of the Bering Sea Straits, North Bering Sea. It's located on the West side of the Bering Straits, about 200 miles off shore from Nome, Alaska.

Numinkau Kamuek lived in Gambell Alaska in the winter and spring of 2002 visiting family and friends. Gambell is a small village of about 700 people on St. Lawrence Island in the North Bering Sea. Numinkau is a Siberian Yup'ik Eskimo from the Siberian side of the Bering Straits, near the village of Provideniya. He returned to the Siberian side in the late spring of 2002 and was killed in an altercation with a Russian border guard. He carved for many years and is a master carver as shown by the exquisite detail of the face. People in the area routinely cross the Bering Straits in open skiff type boats, which seems very risky.

"Tughneghaq" which is Eskimo Spirit in the Siberian Yupik language. This beautiful piece is about the celebration of abundance and the joy of life in the form of music and dance and singing to adorn, nourish and free the spirit, and the abundance of the land and sea to provide for food, clothing and shelter. The Yupik people have lived in the Bering Straits for thousands of years. This harsh Arctic Region of is an extremely challenging area to live in. Yet there is an abundance to be had from the land and sea. When the clan would gather to celebrate and share; singing, dancing and drumming were the center of the celebration. The drummers would lead and singing and dancing would follow. The piece was carved from a large whalebone vertebrate near the base of the skull, a dense bone which makes an excellent medium for carving. Numinkau's carved his last name and there is a Russian inscription on the base. Could be your Spirit Guide?

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